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Y.D.M. (Young Disciples of Mary)

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The Young Disciples of Mary (YDM) is a youth and young adult movement affiliated with Alagad ni Maria (Disciples of Mary) in the Diocese of Orange, California. The YDM consists of high school, college-age young people and young adults who are committed to fellowship, leadership development and become active witnesses of their Christian faith. The YDM core values are centered in Jesus Christ and focus on the Blessed Mother Mary as a true model of faith to the youth. Finally, the group aspires to empower their fellow youth and young adults to obtain a deeper and a more profound commitment to be productive members of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Orange and the community at large in the United States of America.

UPCOMING ACTIVITY: August 25, 2019 Sunday
Youth Walk with Christ 2019
9am to 1pm

1235 S. Magnolia Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92804

What is Youth Walk with Christ?

The Youth Walk with Christ is the annual opening event and first General Assembly of the SALIKANA-BAYAN the Philippine counter-part of YDM or Young Disciples of Mary, for all its teacher-advisers, youth leaders, student core-groups and Members. It introduces them to the General Theme of the year and brings them to a deep awareness of their relationship-journey with Jesus Christ, through a series of group prayers, modular activities and processing, also known as Structured-Learning-Experience (SLE).

1. Are participants going to walk? Yes, they will journey into three stations inside the compound of the Disciples of Mary House. The walk is about 2 to 5 minutes per station. The participants will not go out into the streets.

2. Do we have to pay? No, the event is absolutely free.

3. Are breakfast and lunch provided? Yes.

4. Is sacrament of reconciliation available? Yes. Just approach any of the priest who are not playing key role in the event.

5. Do we have mass? Yes. Sunday mass after all the activities before lunch.

Download and Checklist

1. Wear comfortable church clothes
2. Bring the Waiver for YDM, click the link below to download.

Pre-Register Here

May 18, 2019, Shadow Park Cerritos

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